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Shorin Kempo Kaikan
New Zealand


Timata haerenga katoa ki te taahiraa matamua

All journeys start with the first step

Si Suk (Shihan) Charlie Tamati 5th Dan

Ko Tainui te waka
Ko Kapuarangi te maunga
Ko Wainui te awa
Ko Torere-nui-a-rua te Wharenui
Ko Ngai Tai te iwi
Ko Charlie Tamati taku ingoa

My career in martial arts expands about 25 years, starting at the young age of 15. Jiu Jitsu was my first preference with the South Pacific Jiu Jitsu Society, learning all aspects of grappling and quick hand techniques to render the opponent to submission.

From there I moved to karate in a style of the tiger called “Ku Kyru”. This was great as it taught me more of the ways of the martial arts and helped me to develop myself into to a stronger person both mentally and physically. I found it to be very challenging to be able to set myself a goal, such as learning a new form and reaching that goal. That was rewarding being able to achieve my goal.

After a few years I was offered a chance to join the infamous “Sir Gee Dorr Kung Fu”. A style known for their amazing speed , agility and strength. I joined Sir Gee Dorr in 1984 as a student training regularly 3 days a week. About a year later I had the opportunity to train as an “INNER STUDENT”.

Now here was a real challenge as this type of training takes you back 1000 years, training as the shaolin monks did. The body and mind are pushed to the extreme both mentally and physically.
We trained 6 days a week from 6 am till 9pm, just living, training, eating, kung fu so as to speak. It was a gruelling year, with a dropout rate of 90%, but I stuck to my guns and here I am today. Only 9 people in the last 23yrs have ever finished and completed this amazing course, and I am one of them, thanks to the skills of my master “Sifu Robert McInnes” 8th Dan Taishan graded master.

I now have the chance to pass on this style to all those who want to learn and believe me it can make you a better more confident and stronger minded person, and to help you in your every day life.

What is the literal meaning of Kung Fu?

The literal meaning of kung fu is “An Acquired Skill Through time and energy”, not just in fighting, but in living a harmonious life. Fighting is only a small aspect of the total art, which includes meditation.

Si Hing (Sempai) Ian Shaw 2nd Dan

My first experience of Sir Dorr Kung Fu was in 1980. I was 14 years old and had caught a bus into town after school, when I saw the sign out side the Kung Fu school ,so I went in. I was pretty uncoordinated & quite a slow learner, but I always arrived early(about an hour before class)and Sifu was always there as well as several high ranking students that I could watch and get inspiration from. It was a real privilege and an honour to train with such a master, and such fellow students.I had a second grading as an outer student at Galatos St., then on the first of November, 1987 I finally became an inner student, living in the Kung Fu school, working by day and training by night.

The latest chapter of my training began in 2010 and I hope can continue for the rest of my life. I must thank SiSuk Charlie for putting so much effort into keeping the school going in this country, and for letting me be a part of it. I have a little to teach and much to learn.

Si Dai (Sempai) Asher Nachmany 2nd Dan

My first encounter with Sir Gee Dorr was in 1987. I had been in the country only a few months, and was leaving work one day, when I saw this group running past me. They were Bold Headed, dressed in traditional Chinese Kung Fu uniforms, and I just couldn’t resist following them to the Kingdon St. School, where I immediately joined as a student.

Unfortunately I had to leave after about 1 year due to a motorcycle accident, but then joined again in 2006 into Si Suk Charlie’s school, where I have been a member since.

I enjoy learning the Sir Gee Dorr style of Martial Arts – it provides a challenging environment where students constantly break through their comfort zone and experience what it’s like to find a barrier – mental or physical – and get through it to get to the next level!

I also enjoy passing on any knowledge to fellow students and watch them progress and triumph through training – always a big grin on their faces while sipping green tea at the end of class.

My journey has just started and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge further by learning from my teachers Sifu, Sisuk Charlie, as well as the rest of the team in Thailand and NZ

Adapt & overcome!


Si Hing (Sempai) Dave Campbell 2nd Dan

I met Sisuk Charlie in 2002. He was running a small martial arts school out of the Mt Albert YMCA. My friend was working there at the time so we decided to go along and try a class. Over the next hour and half we were trained and physically pushed. I remember standing in a low horse stance for half an hour till my legs collapsed. That was my introduction to SirGeeDorr!

I‘ve trained in the traditional Kung Fu style SirGeeDorr for nearly 10 years. I started out as a white belt and worked my way through the grades. Every belt in our style is truly earned, as anyone who has sat our white belt grading would agree. I travelled to Thailand to meet and train under Sifu Robert McIness which was a great experience. We travel back yearly to grade, test and improve our skills. There is always something to learn.

I sat my black belt exam in Thailand after 6 years of training. It was three full days of intense mental and physical exertion, pushing past breaking point and carrying on, standing up when all you want to do is lay on the mat. I felt very proud and honoured to pass the test and join prestigious company. Afterwards, I stayed on in Thailand to train with Sifu and learn. Training with Shihan Judd Reid, I prepared and competed in my first tournament in Japan. I’ve since fought in Thailand and New Zealand.

Currently, I spend time at the Dojo in Mt Albert teaching and training. I work with Sisuk Charlie to promote the school and keep students involved. I’ve seen two of my fellow students’ take the leap to black belt, and was proud to watch them step up to the challenge. We have a busy Dojo with large children’s classes, adult classes and kickboxing, all of which I partake in. I’ve trained students for tournaments and had the satisfaction of watching them win fights.

Kung Fu becomes a way of life. Roughly translated it means skill through time and energy. The dedication and discipline you put into your training shines through in other areas of life. You learn how to overcome obstacles through perseverance, which is exactly what is needed in the average day. I’ve had the privilege of learning from many great teachers, all of whom have left a lasting impression on me and helped shape me as a martial artist.


Si Dai (Sempai) Tita Teei 2nd Dan

My name is Tita Teremoana Teei, I am a Cook Island Maori.

I started Sir Gee Dorr on the 7/06/2004.I moved up to Auckland from Hamilton about 8 years ago, I had just stopped playing League, Touch and Softball and started going to the gym at the Mt Albert YMCA to keep my weight down. 6 months into it I found it was boring me, and was looking for a bit more of a challenge, when I saw a Martial Arts class in one of the rooms

I graded my Black Belt on 25/10/2010 It consisted of a 3 day session , and is recognized as one of the hardest gradings in the world, and is certainly one of the hardest things I have done in my life.

I am so grateful to Si Suk Charlie for never doubting me ,although I had my own doubts along the way. I am grateful to all the NZ Black belts who gave me their time and energy to help me get to my Black Belt Grade, they all make you feel part of the Sir Gee Dorr family.

I completed my Black Belt at 55 years old, so its not about the age, its about the attitude

OOS !!