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Shorin Kempo Kaikan
New Zealand


Timata haerenga katoa ki te taahiraa matamua

All journeys start with the first step

Shorin Kempo New Zealand started in the 80’s as Sir Gee Dorr Kung Fu. Situated in Auckland, it began with Sifu Robert McInnes who based the art on an ancient shaolin form of kung fu that was taught to temple guardians known as Jen Chi.

Most monks learnt one form or another of shaolin kung fu but the elite that were chosen to protect the monasteries with a guardian system style such as Sir Gee Dorr Kung Fu.

This style was created by Master Lai Ching How, who picked the best techniques from all the different shaolin systems to create Sir Gee Dorr Kung Fu. He then developed the style further by basing all the movements of Sir Gee Dorr on the one muscle movement of the snake.

This underpins all the techniques taught in Sir Gee Dorr Kung Fu then and today. Master Lai Ching How then formed an intense and rigorous training system to ensure only the best and strongest monks would be accepted into the Jen Chi order.

Sir Gee Dorr has since evolved to a comprehensive and effective Martial Arts System which now includes the art of weapons, grappling and Japanese Kumite (full contact fight training & competition)

The style Sir Gee Dorr is now called Shorin Kempo and the school has developed an international network of martial arts called World Kumite Organisation, WKO with it’s main Hombu situated in Pattaya, Thailand under Sifu Kancho Robert McInnes, 8th Dan master and head of WKO.

Shorin Kempo Kaikan NZ is a member of the WKO, and is part of the Aotearoa Martial Arts Academy.