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Shorin Kempo Kaikan
New Zealand


Timata haerenga katoa ki te taahiraa matamua

All journeys start with the first step

Kung Fu originated approximately 4,600 years ago by a yellow emperor named Huang Dai, who wanted a fast and efficient method in which to teach and train his army.

According to the Choy Dynasty Book Of Rites, Kung Fu disappeared for about 1,000 years and reappeared in the year 525 AD by an Indian monk named Dahrama Taishi also known as Dah Mo.

He was travelling from his homeland India across China to teach Zen Bhuddism to the Liang Dynasty Monks, when by chance he came across a Shaolin Temple named Sillum meaning young forest, which was situated in the province of Hunan.

Dah Mo saw that the monks were unfit and were being hassled by local hoodlums of the village, so he taught them 18 basic movements, both mental and physical, the Lo Han movements, which were later expanded to 72 movements by a rich young disciple by the name of Yen. This is known as the root of all modern and traditional Kung fu and Karate today

Eventually 5 monks left the monastery and branched out on their own their names were How, Choy, Lai, Hung and Mok.

Later on the Wushu expanded to the islands of Okinawa in the year 725 AD.